An EV flagship of PTT Group who aims to be a clean energy provider for the future, has established their new office at S-Oasis today. We create a workplace efficiently, the concept of connecting space to integrate people through well-designed environments, collaborative zones and seamless communication via leveraging technology are raised.
The CI colors have achieved the welcoming positive atmosphere harmoniously with support of the A/C designed to self-regulate based on weather conditions with minimizing energy consumption concern. This aligns the commitment to environmental responsibility and overall improvement from a significant aspect considered in design process as well as generating sustainable energy inside out.
Plus, the environmentally friendly materials are well selected including ergonomic furniture for the well-being. It is a truly beautiful enlightening dawn of the new beginning of a no-harm to environment office as ARUN+

Project Details :


Bangkok, Thailand


2,000 Square meters


Corporate / Office


Arun Plus Company Limited