Due to the continuing growth in the number of staff and the expanding scope of services provided, Interior Architecture 103 Co., Ltd. branched out from Design 103 Ltd. which belonged as the latter’s former in-house interior design department. Interior Architecture 103 Co., Ltd. was registered as an independent company in April 1995 with full complete interior design services. To maintain its identical connection with its “mother company”, the number “103” was carried to its present name. 

The company’s objective is to create an interior architecture which satisfies the client and reflects your organization image. As well as to gain value of the client’s asset in order to reflect and represent the brands, which is our aim to create a valuable project.

Over 50 years of our experiences with a wide variety of projects based in Bangkok, the company has provided services including space planning, interior design, signage and graphic design, design-build for a small-scale project as well as construction management and supervision of a wide variety of projects including;

  • Commercial buildings
  • Shopping centers and retail facilities
  • Convention and exhibition centers
  • Banks and office headquarters
  • Hotels and resort developments
  • Industrial facilities
  • Residential buildings, etc.

These services have been provided both in and outside of Thailand. Some of these projects are still ongoing.

Working together, the program requirements of every project are carefully analyzed and a quality design is created within the budget and within the schedule. These selected projects reflect our skills for your services.

Interior Architecture 103 Company Limited

Space Planning/ Interior Design/ Furniture Design/ Construction Management and Supervision/ Signage and Graphic Design
Current Employees: 59
Years of Establishment : 21

Design 103 Internationl Limited

Master Planning/ Physical Planning/ Architectural Design/ Research and Development/ Project Management
Current Employees: 86
Years of Establishment: 48

Chuchawal Royal Haskoning

Architectural Design for Industrial Project/ Civil Engineer Design/ Structural Design/ Project Management/ Construction Supervision
Current Employees: 137
Years of Establishment: 42