Ia103 Company outing

Ia103 company outing to Singapore was during 10th August – 12th 2013. The visit aimed to study nice architecture and interior design.

      King Bhumipol paid a visit to Siriraj Phimuksthan Museum

On  15 July, 2013, King Bhumipol paid a visit to Siriraj Phimuksthan Museum, a history museum located in the First South-Line Railway Station of Thailand. D103i and ia103, the Project Architects and Designers, were very appreciated his kindness. Love Live the King.

      “Na Ngoi Poan Pla Loh School Building Construction Program”

Ia 103, The Royal Crown Property Bureau, Christieni & Neilsen (Public) company,
and others had collaborated to build a play ground and toilets at Na Ngoi Poan Pla Loh School, Sakon Nakorn Province, Thailand, by using the left over materials from The Third  Royal Factory construction.  
The collaboration happily created eight toilets and one medium playground for the students.

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